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"Felt like family from the start. I was in a stressful situation and as soon as I got off the phone with him for the first time he ensured me he would do his best. During tons of setbacks due to COVID-19, he never stopped checking in with me and helping to ensure I was well informed and prepped. Thanks to Mike, the case was dismissed and I feel better than ever. I would recommend Mike to anyone and everyone!"

- Tobi, Five Star Review, 08/2020

"Attorney Thaler is an exceedingly intelligent, compassionate, and determined lawyer. During the entire process, which was prolonged due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, he was in constant contact regarding any new developments and kept me informed in a clear and precise manner. That he is a true professional is evident from the start, and he comported himself with great kindness and respect. His persistence is very impressive. It always felt he was completely dedicated to my case, doing everything he could on my behalf. Even after a successful conclusion, he continued to keep in contact and offer assistance. I cannot recommend him highly enough!"

- Alex, Five Star Review, 08/2020

"Absolutely incredible lawyer and a incredible person. He truly cares, he wants to get justice for you and he will. Time and time again he impressed beyond my expectations. He will fight for you, he will win for you. I’m blessed to have met him and had him as my lawyer. I’ll recommend him to everyone I know that needs representation always! There isn’t a case out there I don’t think he would be the absolute best candidate to defend you on, honestly. If your reading this and thinking about hiring him. Hire him immediately, he’s the best I’ve ever seen."

- William Brown, Five Star Review, 03/2020

"Always was prepared. Always returned calls in a timely basis. Excellent command of the law. Excellent relationships with court officials and judges. Treated me like I was the only client he had. Gave mr rides home. Always had a positive and friendly demeanor. Treated me with respect and dignity. I would hire Michael a 1000 times over again."

- Gregg Warburton, Five Star Review, 02/2020

"Mike is an extremely helpful lawyer. He is very experienced with the legal system and how to navigate it. I found Mike to be a thorough attorney that explained the different scenarios and that worked on the best strategies to yield the best outcome."

- Voury Ignegongba, Five Star Review, 02/2020

"Attorney Mike Thaler comes with my highest recommendation. He expertly handled my case from day 1 to close. He is knowledgeable, very responsive, and adeptly navigates the complex legal system for the best possible result."

- Benjamin Hall, Five Star Review, 10/2019

"In a case where I was looking at 5 years, instead it's all behind us now. His knowledge, skills, and determination was very impressive. If you find yourself in need of legal representation, he's your guy!"

- Marlo Burton, Five Star Review, 10/2019

"Michael is a great guy with a high experience with criminal defense. He was always available throughout the time and he is very aware. He always provided me a lot of information, he is a calm guy and once you’re frustrated he knows how to calm you down and deal with the stress."

- Loo Boo, Five Star Review, 10/2019

"Michaels attention to detail is exceptional he does his research when you show up in court with Michael bought he and the client are fully prepared and in my case we were more prepared than the court and that leads to a positive outcome for the client He takes his job very serious"

- Michael Kenny, Five Star Review, 07/2019

"Michael was a pleasure to work with. He kept us abreast of updates with our case continuously, and was realistic with regards to projected outcomes, cost, and timeline. He was thorough, honest, and accommodating. I highly recommend him!"

- Dan Burke, Five Star Review, 05/2019

"Highly recommend Michael for any criminal charges. From February to April 2019, I have been through a lot of pressures and sleepless nights. I hired him before my case hearing date and he listened to all my concerns and gave me complete confident and moral support. As he promised, he worked hard to dismiss the case before trail. He saved my life and my future career."
Thanks a lot, Michael."

- Kit Yee, Five Star Review, 05/2019

"Michael beat an oui at a CLERKS HEARING! That is not something that is easy to do but he did it! Michael is honestly the best lawyer I’ve ever met in my life. He was always there for me when I needed him whenever I called or text he would answer pretty much right away I don’t know what I would have done without him! Absolutely worth every dollar and than some! Thank you Michael! 🙏"

- Paige Digiacomo, Five Star Review, 02/2019

"Attorney Thaler is very respectful, patient and responsive in communication . He represented me and had extensive experience dealing with different cases, he was also very knowledgeable and fair regarding legal advice. Highly recommend him."

- Jessica, Five Star Review, 05/2019

"I had a great experience working with Michael Thaler. Throughout the entire process of my case being reviewed, Michael showed that he genuinely cared about the matters at hand and visually demonstrated this not only by his efforts in the court room, but by his consistent communication with me where he provided thorough explanations and detailed action plans. For the days I was scheduled to appear in court, Michael always prepared me for the event with a call the day before to discuss what was was going to happen. If I had a question, Michael was always very prompt with a response whether it be by email, text message, or phone call. It was clear that Michael was well known and well respected in the court house with his colleagues and court house staff. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone looking for an attorney and I personally will turn to him first if needed in the future."

- Ed Martin, Five Star Review, 01/2019

"I highly recommend Michael, he is a knowledgeable and experienced attorney . His expertise helped me with my case. I felt very confident working with Michael and recommend his to anyone.

 - Christina Rojas, Five Star Review, 03/2019

"Michael Thaler is an outstanding attorney and I am pleased to provide my enthusiastic recommendation. I was recently represented by Attorney Thaler and the quality of the representation I received was better than I ever could have imagined. Attorney Thaler's impressive academic credentials and tenure as an Assistant District Attorney provide solid experience in the law. From the initial consultation on, Attorney Thaler kept me informed throughout the process. He always responded directly and promptly to my questions and concerns. The legal process can be nerve wracking but Attorney Thaler did a great job of easing the stress and keeping me focused on the important matters of our case. His written and verbal communication skills are outstanding. I am very grateful for his excellent counsel and support."

 - Allen Berlin, Five Star Review, 03/2019


"Mike did an amazing job in a recent criminal case I was involved in. His knowledge of the law, and the court system was highly evident. He did what he said he would, he explained the process and he was patient and understanding with my questions - he was (is) a great lawyer. I recommend him highly!"

 - PB, Five Star Review, 09/2019

"Michael recently represented me in a criminal court case. Is evident through his knowledge, experience and expertise that he knows how to handle criminal cases, he is awesome. But must impressive is his work ethic and trust that he builds with the people he represents."

 - Juan, Five Star Review, 08/2019

"I had an excellent experience consulting with Attorney Michael Thaler. He was knowledgeable and extremely helpful. He advised me how to deal with my problem, and he provided me with a form to submit that was important in my winning my case. He was patient and considerate and provided clear explanations and advice. He offered to be available for any follow-up, and true to his word he did give me follow-up advice. I would definitely hire him for any legal problem in future. He is an exceptional attorney and provides the necessary legal knowledge and ability and considerate support for the client as well."

 - Judy, Five Star Review, 06/2019

"My divorce was complicated and yet Michael rose to the occasion always ready and yet efficient. He is not one of those attorneys to do unneeded paperwork for your case. He’s very responsive via email, cell phone or text. I would definitely hire him again and I will recommend him to anyone I know."

 - Andrea, Five Star Review, 02/2019

"Michael was amazing and very patience, he made sure I understood excatly what was going on and made sure I was clear of what my options were. I live in New York and he was still making sure we communicated (via email and phone)about the case and kept me posted with all details involving new evidents or changes to the case. I never needed a lawyer, but after working with Mt. Thaler I know exactly what to look for when dealing with a lawyer he was honest and hopeful which gave me a lot of faith. Thank you kindly"

 - Tikierra, Five Star Review, 08/2018

"I hired Michael Thaler, criminal defense attorney due to an issue I had in my motor vehicle accident. I found Michael to be available and professional at all times. Due to his knowledge of the laws and court system, he was able to help me work through my problems. I would recommend Michael to anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney."

 - Haley, Five Star Review, 07/2018


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