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One of the more serious cases someone can face is an accusation of domestic violence.  In Massachusetts, there are enhanced domestic violence penalties if an allegation involves an assault and battery against an intimate partner or someone you have had a significant dating relationship with in the past.  If you take a plea or are convicted of an accusation of domestic violence, you may be required to complete the certified batterer’s program, which is a forty week course that requires both an extreme time commitment and is a considerable expense.  Further, a domestic violence charge can have a significant effect on a person’s liberty, as he or she may be required pursuant to a condition of release to stay away or have no contact with the alleged victim.  If you live with the alleged victim, suddenly you can find yourself leaving the courthouse now facing a domestic violence charge and without a home.  And if you are not allowed to go home, suddenly you might now be unable to see your children or others that live in the home.  Oftentimes, the alleged victim might obtain a restraining order, which has its own consequences explained here


As you can see, a domestic violence charge in Massachusetts has far-reaching consequences that extend outside of the courtroom.  Though in Massachusetts domestic violence penalties are tougher than a “normal” charge of assault and battery, there are certain features of many domestic violence charges that an experienced attorney will be able to look out for to try to get you the best possible outcome.  It is especially important when facing a domestic violence charge not to provide any information to the police that could be used against you, as many cases of domestic violence in Massachusetts proceed, in large part, due to a suspect’s own statements.  Attorney Thaler has handled many domestic violence charges in the Superior and District Courts of Massachusetts as both a defense attorney and as a prosecutor in the Dedham and Boston areas.  He knows the appropriate discovery to look out for and how best to navigate a charge of domestic violence in Massachusetts from the arraignment all the way through a potential trial.  Contact the Law Office of Michael Thaler, Esq. at 781-366-0806 or to schedule a free consultation.

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